How Instagram Helped Me Triple My Business Income — Even Though I Have a Small Following

By Oct22,2023

Marie Brown is a UK-based soloprepreneur who creates websites for other entrepreneurs and small business owners. Getting active on Instagram has completely changed her business — she shares how in this post. Fancy a Challenge? 2x Your Growth in 2 Weeks with the AI Accelerator

Fancy a challenge?

Why not try to double your growth in two weeks? 

That’s the goal of the AI Accelerator, Buffer's bespoke video-based course that hundreds of creators and social media pros have joined.

Fancy a Challenge? 2x Your Growth in 2 Weeks with the AI Accelerator

What’s the AI Accelerator?

This isn't just another online course. It's a unique two-week journey curated by Buffer to help you level up your social media game. 

Here's a breakdown of what's included:

  1. Eight AI Lessons: Dive into the world of AI and learn how to create posts that truly resonate with your audience. Get the know-how to leverage artificial intelligence to reach more people and engage better — receive a new lesson via email for eight days throughout the course.
  2. Daily Tips: We won’t leave you hanging. For eight days over two weeks, we’ll share actionable tips, handpicked to suit your needs, aiming to enhance your social media strategy. They’re practical, easy to implement, and designed for maximum impact.
  3. An Active Community: When you join the AI Accelerator, you become part of a community. Our dedicated Discord server lets you interact, share experiences, and learn from fellow participants. It's a space for growth, support, and collaboration.
  4. Earn Your Spotlight: This challenge is also a chance to shine. Impress us, and you’ll get featured on Buffer's official blog and social media channels. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your achievements and get recognized by our millions of followers.

Want in? Join the AI Accelerator now (it’s free!)

Fancy a Challenge? 2x Your Growth in 2 Weeks with the AI Accelerator

Why join the challenge?

The world of social media is crowded. To stand out, you need more than just the occasional post.

You’ll need regular content designed to engage your audience — and that’s exactly what AI can help with. 

Buffer's AI Accelerator offers you a clear pathway to get started.

By combining cutting-edge AI insights with daily actionable tips and a supportive community, you're not just learning; you're growing. In just two weeks, we reckon you'll 2x your growth online.

So, are you up for it? Join today →

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